Radio Saracura is a community radio project and audiovisual archive based in the neighborhood of Bixiga, in central São Paulo, Brazil. Its studio is based at the Vila Itororó, while its mobile radio cart traverses Bixiga’s various territories. The project first came into being in partnership with the Goethe Institut-São Paulo’s “Goethe na Vila” residency in September 2018. Its second cycle, which concerns New Ecologies, takes place in August and September 2019.

Park of the Lands of Bixiga

16.09.2018, 20m
A sonic meander through the flora and fauna of the desired first park of Bixiga whose lands include the Bixiga river itself, snaking through the grounds of the nearby Teatro Oficina. A territory in dispute, caught between public use and the forces of real estate speculation. 
#animism #plantlife #civildisobedience


16.09.2018, 18m
A cosmopolitical choreography led by Casé Tupinamba and the Terreyro Coreografico collective in protest against the massacre of street dwellers living around the Baixo Libertas area, and against the attack on public, sacred land of the people in Bixiga. 
#ritual #tupinamba #terreyrocoreografico


15.09.2018, 55m
A play created by the Cia Oito Nova Dança group, inspired by the rodas of xongoro in Guarani indigenous territories. Music, dance, and a fight against being captured by the enemy. Play performed at Vila Itororó’s Casa 8.  
#guarani #theater #casa8

Teatro Oficina, Here, Now

14.09.2018, 56m
In times of political transition and persecution of dissident forms of creation and ways of living, three muses of this emblematic theater – an enchanted territory – orient its vital compass in light of recent social, political and economic events. 
#teatrooficina #resistence #rodaviva

Walter Taverna

13.09.2018, 31m
An evening at the Conchetta, one of Bixiga’s famed cantinas, with its owner Walter Taverna. Memories of a life lived fully in the neighborhood, along with a discussion of some of his current and future projects. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#conchetta #cantina #worldrecord

Antonio Gianotti 

13.09.2018, 25m
Mr. Antonio, owner and founder of the “Bar do Amigo Gianotti,” traverses eight decades of personal memories, including the neighborhood’s irrepressible sociability and the Saracura river itself. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#gianotti #cantina #memory 

Renato Sztutman

12.09.2018, 58m
A conversation on the concept of cosmopolitics, its origin and modes of practice. Sztutman, a professor of anthropology at the University of São Paulo and neighbor of Parque Augusta, discusses possible overlaps with the prolonged fight for public space and land. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#cosmopolitics #parqueaugusta

Instituto Bixiga 

11.09.2018, 114m
Danielle Franco da Rocha, Edimilson Peres Castilho and Eribelto Peres Castilho, researchers and partners at the Instituto Bixiga, offer a decolonized historical narrative about the process by which Bixiga was settled and developed. (Conversation in Portuguese) 
#institutobixiga #popularculture #decolonial

Marina Vanzolini and Salvador Schavelzon

10.09.2018, 87m
A conversation about cosmopolitics, and the spells (and counter-spells) of capitalism, enchanted (and disenchanted) worlds, free and autonomous territories, as well as the recent destruction of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro.  (Conversation in Portuguese)
#cosmopolitics #spells #counterspells

Caruru Celebration 

09.09.2018, 63m
An offering to Saint Cosme Damião held at the Casa Mestre Ananias on Conselhero Ramalho st., replete with an oration, a childrens’ play, and a roda de samba, all in honor of this patron saint and guardian of children. (In Portuguese)
#cosmedamião #childhood #caruru

Vera Lúcia Dias 

07.09.2018, 45m
A chat at a bar on 13 de Maio avenue with touristic guide Vera Lúcia Dias about cultural and historical memory in the musical work of Adoniram Barbosa and Paulo Vanzolini, two chroniclers of the neighborhood. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#barlife #adoniram #bixiga

Samba of Bixiga 

06.09.2018, 135m
Samba “rodas” and conversations with the various samba communities of Bixiga: Bateria 013, Madeira de Lei and Casa Mestre Ananias. At the end of the night, a special appearance of a “roda” from a community in Acupe, Bahia. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#samba #joy #resistance 

Denusia Pedreira Bastos 

05.09.2018, 74m
A conversation with Denusia, a healer, about the medicinal properties of plants, her medicinal garden in Bixiga, and species frequently appearing in the neighborhood. A calling for dialogue between humans and non-humans. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#naturalmedicine #cures #nonhumans

Paulo Tavares

05.09.2018, 45m
A conversation about the power of community based radio transmission, its singularities and site-specificity to territory. A parallel between contestation of the electromagnetic spectrum and the contestation of land. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#freeradio #technopolitics #biosphere

Casé Angatu Xukurú Tupinamba 

04.09.2018, 86m
Intersections and connections between the battle for indigenous lands and the territory of Bixiga. The ancestral right to land, the sacred ritualization of battle, and the desire for free and autonomous territories. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#tupinamba #indigenousbattles

Marly Rodriguez and Gabriel Fernandes 

03.09.2018, 77m
A conversation with Marly and Gabriel about the life of Lady Yaya, an emblematic neighborhood figure, passing from historical references to “myth of insanity” and her home in Bixiga.  (Conversation in Portuguese)
#donayaya #feminism #insanity 

Vai Vai 

02.09.2018, 35m
A night of rehearsals at Bixiga’s famed samba school. In 2019 its theme for carnaval will be the “quilombo of the future,” led by Roberto Monteiro and Herman Siqueira. 
#vaivai #quilombosaracura #quilombodofuturo

The Saracura Valley 

02.09.2018, 87m
A walk through the valley of the Saracura River, passing by the Augusta river waterfall and the Bixiga, Itororó, and Anhangabaú rivers. A meeting of memories, desires, projects, strategies and poems. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#saracura #bixiga #itororo #anhangabau

“Canterio Aberto” + “Canteiro Vivo” 

01.09.2018, 144m
A conversation about the origin, administration, management, support and partnerships of the “Vila Itororó Canteiro Aberto” with the presence of the Parque Augusta Movement. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#vilaitororó #canteiroberto #canteirovivo

Teatro Oficina and the Chicago Biennial 

01.09.2018, 57m
An early breakfast at the emblematic Teatro Oficina with the curatorial team of the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial. An archeology of life-force, resistance and joy in Bixiga. (Conversation partly in Portuguese)
#chicagobiennial #teatrooficina #parquebixiga

Suely Rolnik  

31.8.2018, 64m
Radio Saracura’s psychoanalytic encounter with Suely Rolnik. Synchronicity between the launch of Suely’s latest book and Radio Saracura’s creative urges.  (Conversation in Portuguese)
#psychoanalysis #resistance #creation

Mother-of-saint Paula Duwe 

31.8.2018, 43m
A visit to the Umbanda terreiro Cacique Pena Branca. A discussion of the house’s activities, its relation with Bixiga, and a spiritual archaeology of the neighborhood. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#umbanda #caciquepenabranca

Rua Major Diogo 
30.8.2018, 25m
A walking tour of the diversity of Rua Major Diogo, one of São Paulo’s oldest thoroughfares, accompanied by local guide Laercio Cardoso de Carvalho. A portrait of Bixiga, sketched by this cosmopolitan street. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#majordiogo #heritage #cosmopolitan 
Valdo Ruvario 
30.8.2018, 39m
By way of Mr. Ruvario’s passion for his home – located at 784 Major Diogo St. – and its history, we learn of the current struggles, desires and tensions faced by owners of buildings listed as landmarks.  (Conversation in Portuguese)
#majordiogo #heritage #landmarks
Débora Pinto, Diógenes Souza and José Soró
29.8.2018, 117m
A conversation about tangible and intangible heritage of the various workers housing sites and factories of São Paulo: their rivers of memory, their forms of life in conflict with colonizing, neoliberal forms of thought. (Conversation in Portuguese)
#heritage #memory #imaginary
Arena Bela Vista  
28.8.2018, 66m
Arena Bela Vista: a youth soccer league under a highway overpass run by Antônio Carlos and Gilson Santos. Towards the end of our conversation, Antônio narrates the match live for listeners on Radio Saracura. (Recording in Portuguese) 
#arenabelavista #viadutojuliomesquita
Casa Mestre Ananias
26.8.2018, 35m
A “samba de roda” at the Casa Mestre Ananias, a socio-educational community center and point of reference for popular forms of knowledge, as well as cultural and intangible heritage more generally in Bixiga. 
#bahia #samba #ananias 
Raquel Rolnik and David Harvey 
25.8.2018, 49m
A conversation on the forms of resistance and creativity related to the Right to the City in the context of current global and local geopolitical reconfigurations: from the dispute over public lands to the creation of new forms of communal life. 
#geopolitics #rightothecity #newparks

Os Batuqueiros w/ Kiko Dinucci
24.8.2018, 32m
Taking up the centuries-old tradition of “rodas de samba,” Al Janiah – a Palestinian political and cultural center/bar/restaurant located in Bixiga – hosts the Batuqueiros, joined by composer Kiko Dinucci, for a night of samba.
#kikodinucci #aljaniah #batuqueiros #samba

Denise Boschetti and Pierre de Oliveira (2/2)
24.8.2018, 57m
A consultation with two oracles, Denise and Pierre, about current tensions and reconfigurations in the territories of Bixiga, São Paulo and Brazil. (Part 2) (Conversation in Portuguese) #politics #magic #ancestraltechnologies 

Denise Boschetti and Pierre de Oliveira (1/2)
24.8.2018, 83m
A consultation with two oracles, Denise and Pierre, about current tensions and reconfigurations in the territories of Bixiga, São Paulo and Brazil. (Part 1) (Conversation in Portuguese) #politics #magic #ancestraltechnologies 

Paulo Goya (2/2)
22.8.2018, 17m
The turn-of-the-century Belvedere Mansion: the affective and deeply personal home of Paulo Goya, in constant conflict with city development councils and real estate speculation. (Part 2) (Conversation in Portuguese) 
#tangibleheritage #speculation 

Paulo Goya (1/2)
22.8.2018, 21m
The turn-of-the-century Belvedere Mansion: the affective and deeply personal home of Paulo Goya, in constant conflict with city development councils and real estate speculation. (Part 1) (Conversation in Portuguese) 
#tangibleheritage #speculation 

Vila Itororó – Canteiro Aberto  
21.8.2018, 25m
A recording outside of Casa 8 of the Vila Itororó, during a day of labor at the “Canteiro Aberto” worksite. Shovels, hammers, cement mixers, roosters – a symphony of the human and non-human presences in the space. 
#casa8 #canteiroaberto #rooster

Carmem Silva and Fabrício Alves 
21.8.2018, 40m
Radio Saracura’s first live web radio transmission. Its participants: two militants and activists of the Movimento Sem Teto do Centro (MSTC) and the Frente de Luta pela Moradia (FLM). (Conversation in Portuguese) #moradia #mstc #flm #ocupaçãocambridge

Territórios Negros: the Saracura and Vai-Vai Quilombos
18.8.2018, 10m
Radio Saracura’s first live FM transmission. A brief encounter with São Paulo’s 2018 Heritage Day, focusing on the traditionally Black territories of Bixiga. (Recording in Portuguese) #riosaracura #quilombosaracura #vaivai #institutobixiga

Marília Gallmeister and Daniel Kairoz
16.8.2018, 90m
A conversation about spells and cures of the neighborhood of Bixiga, touching on its sacred sites including the Teatro Oficina, the Terreyro Coreográfico, and the Park of the Lands of Bixiga. (Conversation in Portuguese) #teatrooficina #terreyrocoreografico #parquedobixiga #cosmopolitics