Radio Saracura is a community radio project and audiovisual archive based in the neighborhood of Bixiga, in central São Paulo, Brazil. It first came into being in partnership with the Goethe Institut-São Paulo’s “Goethe na Vila” project in September 2018 at the Vila Itororo. Its second cycle, which concerns New Ecologies, takes place in August and September of 2019 with the support of the Prince Claus Fund and the Goethe Institut.

The radio station’s programming evokes the curative presence of the Saracura river, a river which flows underneath 9 de Julho avenue in the neighborhood. In partnership with with community residents, collectives and organizations it produces conversations, radio documentaries, field recordings, workshops and other interventions, celebrating the indigenous, afro-Brazilian and ecological memory of Bixiga. Incorporating urbanity and nature, cosmopolitanism and cosmology, the second edition of Radio Saracura is a digital and physical sphere of production, transmission and exchange; a technology for the construction of new ecologies of life, of counter-hegemonic forms of art and culture, of community alliances.

By way of artistic and cultural activities activated and mediated by Radio Saracura, this project evokes discussions about new urban ecologies, contributing to a re-enchantment and re-imagining of our relationship with nature in the context of Bixiga, amplifying these encounters and practices throughout São Paulo and into the biosphere through the use of web and FM radio technology.

Co-founders and presenters: Augusto Aneas and Jacob Moe

2019 TEAM
Intern: Ivan Sato, Giovanna Alborghetti
Communications: Carol Ramos
Web support: Juliana Suzuki, Fernando Seiki Ito

2018 TEAM
Interns: Julia Sant’Ana, Italo Higor
Video: Guilherme Destro
Site: Marcos Xavier Dias
Web support: Juliana Suzuki